The Story of Jenx

For over 30 years Jenx Ltd. has been researching, designing and making pioneering developmental postural equipment that supports children as they grow.

Our innovative postural support products are developed with care and expertise to help children with special postural needs to live happy and fulfilling lives. By working closely with children, carers and therapists we create products that put people first.

The History of Jenx

Jenx Ltd. is a family run company and was founded by a paediatric physiotherapist and a product designer in 1982, with the aim of enriching lives and changing perceptions about disability. Every position a child adopts has an effect on their development and functional movement both now and in the future, and the company strives to design and manufacture specific products that provide the support children need to help them to flourish.

A Timeline

Oct 1982:  Jenx Ltd. founded by Clive and Catherine Jenkins with the first Prone Board made in their cellar at home.

Nov. 1982: The business moves into its first premises in Attercliffe, Sheffield.

Late 1983:  Jenx to moves to a council unit in Sheffield, along with new sewing machinist Lynne.

Dec 1984:  Jenx relocates again to a larger unit on the same estate.

Oct 1991:  Jenx has expanded to employ a healthy band of people and has invested in a suite of state of the art machinery. The business relocates to an other part of Sheffield so they have room to continue to grow.

April 2001: Jenx purchase the building at Wardsend Road, Hillsborough in Sheffield, but keep the existing site in order to have double the space.

May 2012:  After a lengthy refurbishment process, all manufacturing and production starts at the large new Herries Road site.

January 2014:  Jenx Ltd. launches Jiraffe as its UK sales division. All UK sales are now handled by Jiraffe.

Summer 2015: Jenx launch their brand new website.

January 2017: Jenx are extremely proud to launch a new abducted standing system called Standz.

December 2018: Standz was named ‘Best Product’ at the 23rd British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) Awards, which recognise the best in mobility, independent living and rehabilitation sectors.

With over 95 employees, products distributed in numerous countries and a diverse product portfolio, Jenx continues to be the leading manufacturer of postural support products for children!

Research & Development

“By working closely with children, carers and therapists we create products that put people first” Catherine Jenkins, Jenx Director. The Jenx product development process is underpinned by the latest research, conducted both within the company and by other experts internationally.

At Jenx, we work closely with carers, therapists, other professionals and of course children themselves so Jenx products are developed in response to real practical needs.

Not only do Jenx team members regularly attend conferences, exhibitions and courses in order to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, but we draw on valuable input and feedback from therapists, carers and experts in the sector, alongside wider research developments in the field.

Every potential new product undergoes a period of rigorous consultation and research that directly informs the design process.

Our post sales processes enable us to analyse the performance of a product and feedback that information into the Design process so that our products can be improved in a real and practical manner.

Innovation & Design

Every Jenx product is the outcome of a thorough design process, which starts with a great idea! Whether that idea is as a result of research in a particular area, or sparked from the design process itself, or from one of our team, you can be assured that quality underpins everything that we do at Jenx.

When a new product idea is initiated, wide ranging consultation leads to the creation of a detailed product brief that outlines a clear set of objectives. The next stage is to develop and evaluate a series of concept sketches before taking the most successful ideas through to the prototype stage. Designs are developed using CAD and prototypes are created in our development workshops. At various stages, prototypes are tested internally for strength and stability and externally for fitness for purpose and other considerations. This process continues until we have a model that meets all the objectives of the development brief. The model is now brought into production. This involves another series of tests and verification procedures to ensure that we now have an exceptional quality Jenx product ready to launch.

All Jenx products are manufactured in Sheffield, England, Jenx are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing and distribution standard and the ISO 13485:2016 Medical device standard.

Initial ideas for new products come from working closely with parents, therapists and children themselves.

The Jenx Process:

A detailed product brief is produced but only after wide ranging consultation and research

  1. Preliminary sketches are made and evaluated, with the best concepts developed to the next stage
  2. The first prototype is produced, tested and evaluated at our test centres
  3. The design is refined and developed and further prototypes made until the product meets the exacting requirements of the brief and our team
  4. Final testing. Special moulds and tools are created and the manufacturing process tested, resulting in final product testing – and once approved, production begins
  5. Product launch!

The Jenx Approach

To create and provide THE BEST products and services we can in terms of innovation, quality and thoughtfulness. We aim to continuously strive to improve our products by increasing our knowledge through research; by working with, and building strong relationships with, those people who matter and by employing the best people we can (working in a stimulating, friendly and professional environment).